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Speaking Presentations with a Purpose

What is the point of a presentation, if there isn’t a solid PURPOSE? Clearly defined points on what the audience with take away, what the outcome should be and what next steps will further the listener along his/her journey.

Each of the presentations, workshops or group discussions that I provide have a specific purpose… Which will fit the bill for your group, company, church, organization, association or other assembly?


  • Well, Why Not?!  Removing Obstacles and Moving YOU Forward
  • There’s a U in Success –
    Elements of your success:
    Self Confidence – Liking Who You Are
    Communication – Building relationships
    Attitude – Being Powerfully Positive
    Changes – Making Lemonade
    Goals – From Setting to Getting
    Leadership – Showing Others the Way
  • Everyone Wants to Hear You – Effective Communication for Every Situation
  • Career Sync – Aligning the True You with your Work

Contact me to discuss YOUR PURPOSE and what you might have in mind for your next meeting, gathering or event!