How Tall was Your Grandfather?

Well, it really doesn’t matter because as President Abe Lincoln said,
“You have to do your own growing no matter how tall your grandfather was.”

“Bummer. Can’t I just get to a certain point and stop? Can’t I just coast for a while and stay the same?”

Nope. You can’t. You gotta keep growing, moving, living.

And you know one of the best keys for growth? To get you and me heading toward being better and better?

Good old inevitable, uncomfortable, and mostly unwelcome… CHANGE.

It happens with or without us – CHANGE, that is. The weather, seasons, relationships, work situations, personal upheavals, families, and on goes the list. Change happens anyway. Ready or not, here it comes.

We realize at some point that we can’t avoid this unwelcome guest, so we learn to adapt (sometimes kicking and screaming) and adjust (sometimes not too prettily) and go on with life (sometimes hanging on tighter hoping the next change won’t happen). It will. We might as well accept that it is a permanent resident.

What if we let go a little and stop resisting? Maybe even open the door a crack and welcome it? “Come on in, Change! …I think.”

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? From teaching workplace Change Management and experiencing many changes myself over the years, I get loud and clear, that the majority of us do not like it at all, especially when it happens without our consent! We hate that! We just want to stay status quo.

… sometimes you gotta shake things up in order to grow and improve your life. And that means opening up to Change, if even a small bit.

Ever felt bored, stagnant, and unexcited about most anything? A little Change can… change all that and for the better.

I find myself in a little rut once in a while, peeking up and out wondering “now what? It’s kinda boring down here.” After the flurry of the holidays and family visits and year-end activities for instance, some days can feel a little blah. Time for one of those Changes, an opportunity for some growing.

Nothing too dramatic is required. Start out slow and comfortable, then push out a little further to where it feels new, and yes, even exciting and fun. Here are some ideas:

• Take a class
• Add something new to your morning routine
• Find new people to hang with
• Read a DIY book
• Take up a hobby
• Volunteer
• Visit a new place
• Meditate and listen
• Decide firmly on a new approach
• Ask lots of questions about an unexpected change until you better understand it

Welcome Change!

Welcome Change!

Change your thinking. Discover how small changes can change your life. A little change can lead to somewhere incredible you’ve not yet imagined!

Thank you Abe Lincoln, for that quote and reminder that we’re in charge of our own growing, regardless of our grandfather’s height, and the best way to do that is to put ourselves squarely in the path of CHANGE.

Choose to have a great week!

Got some ideas on implementing little changes, shaking things up and growing? Please share them in the comments below!

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  1. Bob Speakman says:

    Wow Debbie. Thank you.

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