Take Care

I sign off from emails, phone calls and handwritten notes with that saying all the time.
I frequently use it like others use Fondly, Best, Warmly, Sincerely, Cheers. It’s symbolic of sending good wishes to my recipients.
It’s also a gentle command.

“Take good care of yourself throughout the day” or
“Watch out! For those doorknobs and sharp corners in your office or home “or
“Pay attention! To those other drivers who may not be as alert as you” or
“Wash your hands! In case your fellow gym goers didn’t wipe down the ab cruncher handles”.

In other words…
Take care of YOU.

I was laid up with a horrendous cold last week and spent practically all week inside the house reading, watching, sleeping, coughing… As each day passed, I begrudgingly cancelled appointments and lunch dates knowing full well staying inside and keeping my germs to myself was the right thing to do. After a few days of this, I realized I was actually heeding my own gentle sign-off, “Take Care”.

I was finally taking care of myself, after all these years of soldiering on through the work weeks not feeling 100%. Finally. Taking my own advice. Finally. Taking care of me.

Along with all the coughing, sneezing and napping, I also did some reflecting:
Being sick should NOT be the only cue for taking care of oneself! We should be doing this all the time, with absolutely no guilt and not even a special reason. We each have one life, one body, and one chance to take good care of this very special vehicle we move around in all day, every day. Take care of it. Take care of YOU!

Changes of plans, busy days, mean people, accidents, sad news, not enough, too much… can get overwhelming and prompt wallowing. Feeling good, balanced, excited, joyful, in love… can overflow us and prompt forgetting to do the maintenance.

We easily take care of others without a second thought. How about putting yourself up there on the priority list more often? For no special reason, other than that you require it on a daily basis, make a choice to do something gentle and caring for yourself. We can best care for others by first caring for ourselves.

Maintain that very special vehicle, the YOU model, and do some self-care each day:
Read good words, watch uplifting shows, be inspired by positive people, nap, eat and drink good stuff, slow down and enjoy, and by all means… think good thoughts. They’ll make you feel better, I guarantee it. Count your blessings, appreciate your friends and loved ones, remember your achievements, wonder about the magnificence of life…the magnificence of YOU.Take care of you so you can better care for others

Whatever little act of self-care you can do today, go ahead and do it. No cost, little time, alone, together… as simple as a walk, a laugh, a cup of tea, a conscious moment to notice something new.

Be nice to YOU today.
Take care. Take GOOD care and choose to have a GREAT week!


  1. Bob Speakman says:

    Thank you, Debbie!

  2. Laurie Sodetani says:

    Debbie…my husband tells me “doing nothing” is very much doing something! On his recent birthday we stayed home and did nothing all day (together). The next day I could not believe how much more energy I had for my morning swim…and the workday in my studio! It works!!!

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