Seriously??? I mean…Really???

You’re kidding, right?
You mean to say that the world will NOT stop spinning and business will NOT go to…in a hand basket while I’m gone, even for one day? Really???


After all those years of seriousness and intensity at work, I thought that would surely happen. I mean, wasn’t I the all-important glue holding things together? I also thought I’d feel more successful and worthwhile and valued and….
Well, wrong on all counts, as it turned out.

Seems the more I tried to control it, the more it took control of me. Seems I shoulda taken that little pill a friend told me about a LOT sooner.

Psst! Let me tell you about this little pill, a magic cure-all for all that stress…

One day several years ago as I was fretting, worrying and carrying on at work about some insurmountable problem, my calm, wise friend looked me squarely in the eyes and said, “You need a Chill Pill!” In other words, “get off your self-important pedestal for a minute and RE-lax!”


Not sure I took that “pill” on that particular day, but her words sure stuck with me. Over the years, I’ve been realizing the importance of backing off, calming down and not taking it all so seriously. Life is meant to be savored, right? Each moment to be enjoyed and lived fully, yes? How are YOU doing with that?

Sometimes we get so caught up and engrossed in thinking things are fragile and precarious and that we must do it exactly right, in exactly the way only we can do it, and at exactly the right time. We end up being stressed out, feeling overworked and like we’re under-performing by thinking this way. Unless you’re a real brain surgeon, then your work and activities, like mine, aren’t brain surgery and we can certainly step back and chill for a few minutes.

Here are some ideas for the form that next Chill Pill might take:

• A walk around the block or through the hallways to get muscles moving and eyes seeing differently.
• A deep breath or two or ten to ease the seriousness.
• A good laugh to help lighten up the tension.
• Freedom, even an hour, from any kind of technology.
• Lunch in the park or somewhere outside in the fresh air.
• Any activity that puts YOUR well-being ahead of work-related activities.

Now, of course some things are truly more serious than others and that’s your call. It’s a matter of realizing that not EVERYthing is so dire. Once we have clarity around priorities and urgent, highly important matters, the rest can wait…for us…to…chill…out.

So here’s this week’s prescription for the best kind of medicine when taking life a little too seriously – a Chill Pill.

And while you’re out there chilling, remember author Oscar Wilde’s famous words, “Life is too important to be taken seriously.”

Choose to have a great week!

Want to listen to this “KICK” with extra commentary? Click here.


  1. Donna St.James says:

    Debbie,You always have a commonsense down to earth solution to what is happening,and a unique
    twist that has intregrty and a way of looking at problems in a context of opportunity that
    allows a new perspective.Thankyou for your voice it is appeciated and needed..

  2. Elaine Armstrong says:

    Thank you Debbie for reminding me to relax and chill-out. I am chilling this week at home and loving it!! Great message about taking care of myself.

  3. Mike Good says:

    Very wise words. In my previous life, a colleague told me “stick your hand in a bucket of water and then pull it out, that’s the hole you will leave behind”. Geez. I’d like to think that it’s at least more like a bucket of sand -LOL. Your words really hit home for me. As I’ve been working from home for these last 18 months, I’m definitely more worst critique and I found myself working 7 days a week to compensate. Only recently, did I start to allow myself to only work 6 days.

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