What are YOU Lookin’ at??

And in what condition are those lenses you’re lookin’ through? Cracked, smudged, chipped? Sitting crooked on your nose and barely staying in place?
Tending to see things a little grayer and askew? Thinkin’ you’re seeing the same old things day after day?

What if, just for this week, you looked at the world around you with some of those “rose-colored” glasses? You know, the ones that help you see sunnier, more joyful, uplifting scenery and where the world seems more fun and positive and well… just all around better.

Come on, give ‘em a try. It won’t hurt a bit and you can go back to your old lenses in a few days…that is, if you really want to.

Sounding kind of unrealistic? Sort of childish? Rather “Pollyanna-ish”? Yeah, that’s what those rose-colored ones are known for.

So… what’s wrong with THAT??

How you look at the world and the things going on around you directly affects the quality of your days, health, relationships, and your life overall. Many sources attest to this, including researchers, doctors, spiritual leaders, and that optimistic little girl, Pollyanna.

She insisted on playing the “Glad Game” with the goal being to find something good in every not-so-good situation. Pollyanna taught an entire town how to play this game, thereby improving their lives and outlook on life. AND, this accomplishment occurred after she’d lost both her parents and had to go live with her grouchy aunt. So she’d had her own major losses and still persisted in finding the good, and helping others do it too.

It’s all about how you look at things. It’s about how you CHOOSE to look at things.
Yes, it’s challenging to find the rosy side of the negative ALL the time, and yes, we need time to process through the crappy stuff before we can get to the good. And yes, there are times when we’re better off letting others wallow without us pointing out the good for them. They’ll find it on their own. Or maybe not. THEIR choice.

How about adding just a little more rosiness to YOUR own view of the world?
Here are some ideas on doing that:
• Instead of seeing “yet another problem” at work, maybe it’s a new challenge where your talents and experience can really shine.
• When driving by that neglected empty lot every day, notice what’s insisting on growing right there in the midst of the weeds.
• Next time you have to spend time with a pessimistic person, keep looking until you find their redeeming qualities. They are there.
• After noting another wrinkle on that beautiful face of yours, realize it’s a sign of a life well lived.

Got the picture? I knew you’d see it.
Get yourself a pair of those rose-colored glasses and play the Glad Game for a little while this week. Notice the good. It’s all around you.

Choose to have a great week!

P.S. Watch the master in action – view a Pollyanna “Glad Game” moment here.

Want to listen to this “KICK” with extra commentary? Click here.

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