They can certainly make us feel that way, those NUTs – a bit crazy and discombobulated, stressed out, anxious and just all around irritated.

NOT the wal- and pea- nuts, nor the pecan, pistachio or kukui type. This is a different, yet all too common variety, these NUTs…

Nagging Unfinished Tasks – NUTs that yes, make us feel a little… nuts ourselves.


Dr. Oz says they are “often very simple to fix but if you never get around to them, NUTs create a subtle underlying angst that can undermine your health.” Author Jack Canfield calls them “messes and incompletes” and says they “rob us of valuable attention units”.

This variety, these Nagging Unfinished Tasks, are most definitely NOT good for us. They cause not only mental stress, but eventual physical stress. Who needs ‘em?!

Well, unfortunately, I bet we all got ‘em. Those hanger-on projects, tasks, and to-do’s that just seem to never go away. They are those uninteresting, challenging, boring, tedious little things we simply don’t want to do.

So how to handle them and move on to and make room for the things we DO want to do?
Here are some ideas:

Use a simple time management principle: “Do it, Delegate it, Delay it, or Dump it”. The moment you’ve got a task in mind to add to your to-do’s, make a decision on what to do with it… right then and there. Maybe it doesn’t even need to go on the list.

Make a list of all the incomplete tasks and projects in your life – professionally and personally – and review each one with the question, “What will it take to get this NUT outta my hair?” Then, determine action steps and a manageable time frame – 2 hours each afternoon, 1 whole Saturday per month, every Tuesday morning, etc. and then commit to it. Get it in your calendar, plan it into your schedule, and be on the way of getting those NUTs out of your mind AND out of your hair.

Review that list every so often because some NUTs drop away on their own and are no longer even relevant. We like those kind of NUTs.

The good kind of nuts, not the Nagging Unfinished Tasks!

NUTs – the good kind!

What’s the upside?  Moving this type of NUT out of your way makes room for achieving the goals and dreams you want in your life. Complete the tasks of the past so you can fully step into the present with open arms and an open mind. Alleviate stress by dumping those NUTs now and bring on more happiness!

Thank you dear friend CB for reminding me about these annoying little NUTs and sharing this article about squashing stress AND belly fat. What could be better than that??

Choose to have a great week!

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    Thanks, Debbie.

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