Just Showing Up

After the holidays, especially that first partial week of January, I surely did not feel like getting up early to attend a Master Mind breakfast meeting.  So I didn’t.  Actually I did get up just a little later than usual after considering how I’d feel not starting out the day like I should.

So off I went, thinking I’d be missing all the news and plans being shared and there’d be very little time for me to talk, which was fine because my head was still in “holiday mode” anyway.  Maybe there wouldn’t even be that many people there.  I continued to go back and forth on showing or not showing until I got very close.   Then I was pretty sure I’d done the right thing as I noticed the familiar cars, more even than I expected.  Now, slightly embarrassed for showing up so late, I found my way through the restaurant, a new location, and was surprised to see a full table of 10 people!

As soon as I sat down and received a warm welcome, I knew I’d done the right thing. There were only about 30 minutes left, but even so, that was the best 30 minutes I’d spent on a chilly Thursday morning in early January.  After I was welcomed, the facilitator asked, “Debbie, what do you need from us this year to be successful in your business?”  The thought of “a louder alarm clock” entered my mind, but what I said was, “holding me accountable for following through on my plans”.   Everyone nodded in understanding and agreed to help me stay on task and focused this year.  What a way to start the year – no questions asked, no concern about my not fully participating in the first meeting, just complete support and willingness to help me reach my goals.

The closing question in our meetings is always, “What did you learn today?”  My answer that particular day was “just showing up made all the difference.” The power of a Master Mind at work once again.

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Published in January 2008

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