Joy to You and Me

Tis the season to be jolly! Fa la la la la, la la la la

Are you there yet? Jolly, that is?
Feeling the joys of the season, the excitement in the air, the hustle-bustle of shopping and prepping? Ready for some fun and family gatherings and good food? It all points to being jolly… doesn’t it?

Well, to be honest, it took me several days, but I’m getting there… jollier by the hour. My house is decorated in beautiful lights (thank you dear husband), most of the shopping is done, and my family in Tucson is excited about our arrival later this week.

The Joys of the Season. The Joys of Living.

I’ve had Joy on my mind …

Joy, as some spiritual beliefs will say, is an inherent quality of ours. It’s an underlying trait we all have – the ability to experience and live in it, Joy. And, as you’ve heard (seen) me say here many times, it’s all a matter of choice as to how we experience our lives.

Even in the face of dire circumstances, outcomes we wish were different, struggles and troubles throughout our journeys, we can still choose how to see it. I propose we all choose to see it with Joy. Even a little bit. Everywhere. Especially this time of year.

Name it – Joy – and then claim it – it’s yours.

Let this holiday season’s music and sounds cheer you. Let the abundance of gift ideas on store shelves brighten your spirits. Let smiling faces spark smiles in you, and let yours spark theirs. Let the wrapped gifts under your tree inspire excitement. Let a child-like wonder light upon you. Let a hug linger and feel loved and treasured.

You are, after all, loved and treasured. You bring Joy to the world and it is contagious.
Like peace, it starts with you and drifts out to the rest of us. Even a little grin, a gentle hello, a handwritten note has the power to spark Joy in loved ones and strangers alike.
It starts with you.
No wonder we love and treasure you.

Ahhh. I’m feeling more and more jolly now! I feel Joy from sharing these words with you and that’s brightened my day. Thank you for reading. Thank you for spreading Joy wherever you go. You have many choices throughout your day. Thank you for choosing Joy!

Joy greetings

Wishing you much JOY this holiday season and every single day!

Joy to the world, Joy to you and to me, and to all the boys and girls, and the fishes in the deep blue sea.

Choose to have a joy-filled, great week!

Here’s a little playlist of cheery music to brighten your space:
Silver Bells, Martina McBride
Jingle Bell Rock, Sam Evans 
It’s the Most Wonderful Time of Year, Andy Williams 
Sleigh Ride, Amy Grant
White Christmas, Michael Buble 

And because of the fishes in the deep blue sea, here’s Joy to the World by Three Dog Night 

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year!


  1. Susan says:

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Debbie! Thanks for the inspiring words. Now that I am getting caught up a little, I am beginning to feel the joy:)

  2. Ruth Anne Gransbury says:

    I KNOW you will certainly enjoy being with your family in Tucson!! I will enjoy having our son , Kevin, and his girl friend with us this year!!It’s been a VERY GOOD YEAR!! Enjoy!! Love, Ruth Anne

  3. Lin says:

    Joy, Joy, Joy! Thanks for the reminder, Debbie.

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