Dream Big Dreams – Anything Can Happen!

It’s the start of a fresh New Year and I invite you to keep some old friends at bay. That’s right. Shut the door on some well-intentioned buddies and refuse their pleas. Don’t invite them in!

They mean well and have your best interests at heart. They want you to be safe. However, they also want you to stay status quo and warmly nestled inside that comfort zone. They don’t get out much. And they don’t like you to get out there either.

Their names?
Mel Must… Shelly Should… Donny Don’t… Emma Impossible… Willy Won’t… Nat Never.

Next time you hear them knocking, do not answer! Now’s the time to find new friends who encourage you to stretch and grow. Now’s the time to go against the old ways and create a path more to your liking. More like YOU.

Where to start?
With a dream. That’s right. One of those dusty old dreams you’ve been keeping hidden away.

Poet and children’s book author Shel Silverstein had something to say about those hanger-on types of friends, those guys who tend to squelch our dreams:

“Listen to the mustn’ts, child, listen to the don’ts.
Listen to the shouldn’ts, the impossibles, the won’ts.
Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me.
Anything can happen, child, ANYTHING can be.”

Last week, I mentioned several ways to KICK start your 2016 goal setting activities. (Missed it? Here it is.) Did you see the one carefully hidden in the list called simply “Dreams”? Those poor dreams seem to get lost on the dusty shelves of time and forgotten as our lives move along in whatever other direction we choose.

This week, I invite you to entertain one of those dreams. Some idea you had years ago… or even a thought that occurred recently… something you’d really love to do.

*Now write it down. Don’t worry what others may think. It’s yours. It came from your mind. It’s precious. Toss it around a bit. Think how it would feel to live it. Refine it if need be.

*Next, what would it take to make it come true? A little research, a class, a book, a mentor?
What steps can you take to make it come alive?

*When you’re ready, share that dream with someone who’s supportive and can help you make it so. Maybe someone who has their own dream itching to come out of hiding. A different type of friend who says “yes!” and “that’s great!” and “you can do this!” Maybe a group of friends, like a Dream Team!

Anything can happen. Any one of your dreams can come to be. All it takes is a fresh perspective and an “Oh Yes I Can”-do attitude.

People bust out of their comfort zones every day. They break away from those old comfortable ways and find new paths and new directions. They follow their dreams – the things they wish they’d done years ago or built their lives around from the very start. It’s never too late. NOW is a great time to start making it happen.

I’ve been reading and playing with a book called 5 Where Will You Be Five Years from Today?
For some mind-opening ideas and ways to follow your own path, I highly recommend it. Its author, Dan Zadra says, “Your resources are always far greater than you imagine them to be. Never ask “CAN I do this?” Ask instead, “HOW can I do this?”

So, how about it? Ready to make that dream become reality?

Supportive friends

New Friends who say “YES!”, “That’s great!”, “YOU can do this!”

Ask HOW, not can, when or if, and go for it.
Anything can happen. 2016 may just be the year of YOU living your dream!

Choose to have a great week!


  1. Bob Speakman says:

    Thanks Debbie.

  2. Susan says:

    Good one Debbie-thanks!

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