Debbie Interviewed by ReSound

Excuse me, what was that? Hearing loss? Who, me?

Yes, I have hearing loss and have learned ways to talk about it so as to help us all be better communicators. Read an interview I did with the folks at ReSound back in January. Here’s an excerpt:

What do you do to spread awareness of hearing loss?

In addition to having quality hearing aids, I do my best to hear and communicate well. When I’m in challenging situations, I tell my communication partners what I need from them (to speak up, enunciate, look at me, move to a quiet corner, etc.), and many times I tell them why. I take opportunities to inform people that hearing loss is widespread, and affects people of all ages, and is especially growing in younger age groups. I remind them it is not an age-related issue and there are probably people in their circles with hearing loss they aren’t even aware of. I learned more about hearing loss in general through the Hearing Loss Support Specialist program (offered by Hearing Loss Association of America) and stay up on hearing loss news so I can share with others through speaking and writing.

Read the entire interview at the ReSound blog site


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