Cooool as a Cucumber

It sure has been a HOT summer here and I’m thinking thoughts of cool things – ice cream, watermelon, iced tea, swimming pools, sitting under a fan, hanging out in air conditioned coffee shops, and a night time breeze. Oh, yeah and Cucumbers.

Yeah, good ole Cukes.

No, NOT the veggie kind.

I’m talking about those people who seem to move through life so easily and effortlessly. They’re calm, collected, and cool…as cool as Cucumbers.

Just how do they DO that?

I think they’ve got some pretty cool qualities for maintaining that coolness and I’ve come up with a list. See what you think:

  • Internally peaceful and happy with where they are in life
  • Aware of their strengths and accomplishments
  • Take care of themselves with plenty of sleep, exercise and good food
  • Accepting of others and their choices
  • Resilient in the face of change and turmoil
  • Speak kindly and positively about others and situations

Seeing yourself in any of these? Thinking you could do better in one area or two?

I think Cucumbers are filled with confidence. They just KNOW how to behave, what to say, and when to do things without coming off cocky or controlling. They’ve taken in their life experiences, learned some things, and then move on with confidence to face what’s next in store, knowing full well they can handle it. They call it “life” where others call it “drama”. They see challenges to be worked through where others see trouble. They see excitement where others see fear. And here’s what I really love about them – they’re optimistic and expect good outcomes and positive consequences. They’re SO COOL that way!

Cucumbers know that the majority of time, life is filled with good and that there’s inherent good in people and every situation. Sound a little too good to be true? Good! That means you’ve got some room to become a little cooler yourself. You see, Cucumbers aren’t born cool and don’t have every aspect perfectly handled; they learn how as they go along, put ideas into practice, and so can we all do that. In fact, I bet you’re already pretty cool in some areas of your life right now.

Here are some ideas you might try for added coolness in areas needing improvement:

  • Recognize and write down your own strengths and accomplishments
  • Spend time daily relaxing, unwinding, meditating
  • Focus on the present moment without worrying about the past or future
  • Find and appreciate the good qualities in others and then tell them about it
  • Accept that change is inevitable and so is your adaptability
  • Surround yourself with upbeat, fun, supportive people and things
  • Remember your previous successes and know you’ll succeed again and again well into the future

Cool as a Cucumber – that’s you and me and every one of us…when we choose to be.  And that can be ALL the time, ANY time.

Here’s to Cukes and all things summertime cool!

Choose to have a great week!

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