Out There on the Skinny Branches

You know how birds live safely among thick foliage and sturdy limbs, protected from the bad guys? That’s a good, safe way to live, don’t you think? Kind of like how we like to live our lives…safely, securely. We get comfortable and settled in our ways and maybe don’t venture out much after a while. What’s out there further, though, on those less sturdy, wobbly ones… those skinny branches?

New experiences, challenges, possibly even a little danger mixed in with unfamiliar situations and people and yes, even some big ol’ mean birds that will test us. Out there, out of that comfy comfort zone (our safe little nest) lies an expanse filled with possibility for ways to live life more fully.

When did you last leave your nest for the unknown and step out of your comfort zone?

Was it a good experience that got you craving more?

Was it a challenge that made you run back to the nest and want to hide?

Regardless of the results – positive or negative – you have to admit you learned SOMEthing. Remember what it was?  Bet it’s turned into a gift of some sort. You might call it the “fruit” of the situation!

You got out of that nest and expanded your experiences and now you KNOW more. That’s the thing about those skinny branches. On them we learn about what works and what doesn’t, what we’re made of when the branches break or the people fail us, how much we can do, carry or be in whatever situation we face. We gain wisdom and knowledge about life and most importantly, a better understanding of ourselves.

One of my teachers along the path used to say, “Get out there on the skinny branches. That’s where the fruit is!” Once we venture out onto those seemingly non-supportive skinny branches, we find what really matters – the fruits of life, the good stuff, the little things that make life bigger.

Once we get out there, we realize we are more than we ever thought – more creative, stronger, bolder, smarter and braver. We learn to love and accept ourselves a little more. AND once we come to like these new realizations about ourselves, we want more of that fruit! We look for new and different little skinny branches so we can continue stretching and growing.

Don’t worry about falling. The skinny branches hold the lessons and wisdom that enrich our lives. Don’t worry about the wind and the swaying of the tree. That prize out there is worth a few tumbles. Get out there where the fruit is – on the skinny branches.  It tastes good and it’s good for us.

Eat up! You do need 4 or 5 servings each day. 🙂

Choose to have a great week!

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