Save the Drama

It can happen to the most relaxed, controlled, and calm-exteriored of us.

A meltdown… an emotional blowup… a hissy fit…a full out temper tantrum… a little drama.

We’ve all got those hot buttons, those things or people who cause us to blow our tops.
But wait. It’s not those things or people that cause that upheaval. It’s our own little selves, our own little minds that create all that drama. It’s how we respond to life’s upsets. And those upsets? They are a fact of life.

Let me tell you about my own little dramatic incident from just this past weekend.

So, I’d transferred my Driver’s License, Credit Card and some Ca$h to a small handy lighter purse. We went about our Saturday errands then out to dinner. Nice and easy. No drama there.

The next day as I prepared to leave for a meeting, that DL, CC and $ were missing! Nowhere to be found! Handy purse dumped, steps retraced, restaurant revisited. Nothing. Poof. Gone. It was all I could do to keep my mind on the meeting, let alone safe driving. Where oh where could my dear little important items be??? I racked my brain, but to no avail.

Oh, well. Maybe they’ll turn up, someone will return them, and I can start the replacement process on Monday.
OH WELL???? Not so quick, Miss Positivity! Time for a bit of a FIT!

Why did this happen to me??!@& What scoundrel stole my stuff and is out charging up the world with my CC and using my DL?? What was I thinking with that stupid purse??@$* Things like this don’t happen to me!!*&% Surely other people throw hissy fits like this too…don’t they?? Wahhhhh.

And then I was done. Sorry for myself and practically exhausted. Forlorn and yet somehow calmer. I plopped down from performing this little drama (mostly in my head – good thing for my husband) and emptied the mental trash I’d just collected. And then, with just a small mental space cleared, a flash of insight struck.

One place I hadn’t thought about. The checkbook. That forgotten pad of paper I’d stuck in my little purse for some bank business. And there they were. My precious little DL, CC and $ had fallen into the pages of the checkbook.

Disaster averted! The world again is a beautiful place! Butterflies, flowers and bunnies! Bliss returned. All is well!

Was that Drama really necessary? Did my meltdown help me find those lost items? Did a temporary loss of sanity and kindness and positive thoughts, words and deeds help at all?
NO. Not one bit. It tired me out and raised my blood pressure.

Here’s what I learned though:
1. By sitting down and clearing my mind, the solution came to me.
2. Remember to start with a positive action (see #1) vs. going into exhausting negative drama.
3. There are numerous positive actions I can take when potential disaster appears: exercise, deep breathing, meditation, a positive mantra, supportive reminders from a friend or inspirer, write out my feelings and solutions, be mindful and grateful.
4. Choose. Stop and make a choice about how I want to handle this.
5. It’s always a beautiful place with butterflies and bunnies. It’s what I choose to see that makes it so.

I know this stuff. What happened? In the heat of the moment, I forgot my options and went straight to unnecessary inner turmoil and drama.
Could I have arrived at the solution without the drama? YES. Absolutely.

The next time the world is seemingly falling apart and a temper tantrum is lurking on the edge of my otherwise calm, put-together self, I will take a breath, a really deeeeeep one, and keep the drama out. I choose peace. I choose calm. I choose to know it’s all ok. With each situation, I choose to learn something new and improve my response. Or maybe I’ll choose drama again until I get it.

Save the Drama. Save the Drama for your Mama. (though I’m not sure my own mama really wants to hear my drama) I’ll remember to spend my energy getting to a place of clarity where solutions to any kind or size of problem can make themselves visible. IMG_2224

It’s a process. It’s a journey called Life. With awareness, choices and baby steps, it gets easier and more comfortable all the time.

Care to join me?

Choose to have a great week!


  1. Robert Speakman says:

    Thanks so much, Debbie.

  2. Nettie RivasNettie says:

    Debbie…I get this all too well!! Yes. Sitting for just a few minutes helps me too. I spin out of control and it really just takes very little time to reign me in. Thanks for the reminder!!

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