I HATE It When That Happens…

… You know… when NOTHING happens. When nothing goes my way and every new idea just seems to fizzle out. Blah.

That’s where I’ve been the past few months – feeling fizzled out and blah.
Ever felt like that yourself? What did YOU do?

I wallowed a bit and then remembered, “Hey, this is not my usual M.O. What’s up with you, self? Let’s move on outta this blah place.” And then I asked, “OK, what now?”

I made some choices and …
Took a class to explore something new
Said “no” when I might’ve in the past said “yes”
Got reacquainted with my tennis racquet
Called another batch of contractors
Did some self-care to help cure a virus

Better. Much better. And you know what? Things are happening.
Well, truth be told, they always were. I just couldn’t see them. I was stuck and needed to wallow and feel the discomfort so I could get that positive, clear perspective back. It’s a process, this thing we do every day – living… being human.
AND it’s high time we give ourselves a break, mix it up some and make new choices to get moving in the right direction…whatever direction is right for you.

What now? What’ll you do next to make good things happen?

You can start by…
Choosing to have great week!

By the way, this is KICK #100! Thanks for sticking with me. Happy Spring!

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