Being Alive Takes Time

When did you last…
Give yourself time to recover from a loss, a mistake, an illness?
Pause after a big accomplishment to take pride in your work?
Stand still for the sheer pleasure of breathing in fresh air?

What did you have for breakfast yesterday? This morning?
Dinner last night or the night before?

We move fast, don’t we? Who’s got time to take extra time, pause, let alone just stand still when our to-do’s are ever growing and more things are calling to us? Who cares if we can’t remember what we ate before an hour ago?
Does any of this really matter?

Absolutely, YES it does. Taking time to take care, appreciate and take pleasure in simple daily activities such as eating and even breathing matters. LOTS.

One of my favorite authors, Mark Nepo, says “Being alive takes time.”

In his book of daily essays, The Book of Awakening, where he says “Being alive takes time”, Mark is referring to the importance of allowing ourselves time to move through situations and their ensuing emotions. It’s taking time right in the moment when something happens to be aware and feel it for a few moments. And as I’ve learned, if and when it comes back, to take a few more moments to feel it again, decide what action to take, then move on as best I can. It’s an ongoing process of learning and growing.

OR we can choose to let it stack up back there like old baggage that’s never dealt with and lost in the shuffle, but always under the surface affecting other things. It takes time to do our daily tasks AND to fully process through the feelings they give us so we can more fully and healthfully move onto the next thing.

Nepo goes on to say “…I’ve come to see that much of my confusion in life comes from giving my attention to the next thing too soon…”

Have you ever gone from back-to-back meetings or errands in one day, only to wake in the middle of the night wondering if you remembered the most important one? Me too.

Have you ever had a crazy busy week starting early Monday and ending late Friday, only to feel exhausted all weekend before Monday shows up again? Yep, done that.

Have you ever finally taken that long-awaited vacation only to be consumed by what you might have forgotten to do before leaving, thus spending precious vacation time mentally back at the office? Uh huh.

I used to equate my fast pace, high productivity, and amazing ability to multi-task (!!) as a sign of energy, youth, and importance. Funny enough, the older I get, I attribute them to forgetfulness, missing out on important little things like emotions, and overlooking daily gifts like sunrises, cool breezes and savoring my breakfast.

Being truly alive, fully aware, and emotion-honoring human beings who consciously decide what to give our attention to… really does take time.Being Alive Takes Time. Savor that breakfast!

Pay attention. Be awake. Feel. Breathe. Savor that cereal.
Life is amazing.

Choose to have a great week!

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  1. Bob Speakman says:

    Thanks so much, Debbie

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