And Who are You Again?

As you catch your reflection in a mirror or window, ever been taken off guard? Ever been so caught up in life’s happenings that you forgot to look into your own eyes… follow your own dreams… put yourself first once in a while?

Do you ever forget to remember… who you really are and what truly makes you happy?
Me too.

On occasion, I unconsciously do things, go places, eat stuff and absorb information that does not serve me. It’s just not being true to that better person inside, the one who knows the Truth about me, that “inner guide”.

We all have one, this Truth-knowing aspect of ourselves, and it’s too often ignored. It takes introspection, a little time and willingness, and being honest with ourselves to tune in and listen.

Get out your pen and paper. Get quiet, alone, comfy and peaceful.
Now answer these questions from your heart:

What makes you happy?
Where do you like to go?
What do you like to do?
What are your talents?
What are your strengths?
What are your most favorite things in the whole wide world?

Put all those honest answers together and you have a snapshot of YOU, the true YOU that often sits on the back burner while the “shoulds” take over. It happens to all of us and becomes our default setting at times. And yet, the more we can get clearer on the Truth about ourselves and follow that path, the more joy in life we will have.

Checking in with ourselves with questions like those above are a great start.
There’s one other sure-fire way to get to get clear about what’s true and authentic for you.
By paying attention and honoring your feelings. Think about it.
Do you remember how you felt…
… after listening/reading a lot of negative news?
… after saying “yes” instead of the “no” you wish you’d said?
… after taking someone else’s advice and realizing too late it was all wrong for you?

Mark Nepo, one of my favorite authors, says in his Book of Awakening to “keep turning toward what we feel is real”. To honor those feelings and let them out. Be ok with being scared, sad, hurt, or disappointed so we can get to their opposites more and more often. There are lessons to be had in all of our emotions.

How about this approach:
Before starting a project, saying “yes”, purchasing some thing, eating a food, replaying an old tape, buying into someone else’s beliefs, STOP.
Take a breath, notice how you feel about the situation.
Walk away, sit down, take a moment to think (and feel).Live your True Authentic Life

THEN while being true to YOU and your feelings, reply confidently and KNOW you’ve done right by YOU.

Life is precious. Time moves fast.
Grab hold of each and every day. Feel it. Live it fully. Do what’s true for YOU.

Choose to have a great week!

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  1. Bob Speakman says:

    Thanks Debbie. I missed you.

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