It’s not Nice to Fool Mother Nature

You can fool some of us some of the time…but you can NEVER fool Mother Nature!

There’s NO kidding Mother Nature so don’t even try. There is a natural YOU in there and “she” knows it and keeps trying to tell you about it! You should always listen to your mother (as mine likes to remind me).

Here’s what I mean:

There’s a particular path for you – one that’s based on what comes naturally to you, which is probably what you just LOVE to do! Are you doing that? Oftentimes we find ourselves on someone else’s path wondering how we got lost. And then there’s that nagging little voice (mother) reminding us, “pssst, hey, over here”. But we have to be ready and listening in order to hear her.

Are you doing what you really want to be doing?

Going where you really want to go?

Being who you naturally are?

Each and every day?

I heard some great shopping advice recently: “Don’t buy something unless you can honestly say “I LOVE this!” Let’s apply this same phrase to any part of our lives where choice is involved…which, by the way, is just about everywhere:

  • Contemplating a new career path
  • Entering into a new relationship
  • Attending an event
  • Going on a trip
  • Taking on new responsibilities
  • Signing up for a class

Can you say “I LOVE this” idea/plan/next step? Or have the “shoulds” entered in? They’re pretty sneaky.

It comes down to the little YOU listening to the big YOU, which happens to speak in a little voice. Got that? That little voice knows exactly what you should do, be, and have to live authentically. And we only need to listen carefully. You might call that voice Mother Nature.

When we learn to listen, to trust our intuition and follow the path that FEELS right vs. the path someone said we SHOULD follow, we begin to live true to ourselves. We get used to the idea that being different and unique is ok, because that’s exactly what we are anyway – different and unique. We begin to honor that in ourselves and be proud of what makes us stand out from the crowd.

How much time have you spent going against your natural little voice? Knowing you were NOT making the right choice for you, but went ahead and followed the crowd or the shoulds anyway? I’ve been playing with this idea and I’ll tell you what – there’s nothing more liberating…and sometimes scarier… than following that little voice. It requires breaking old habits, being conscious of self-defeating reactions, and stepping out of that good ol’ comfort zone. And then… just being willing to listen.

You and I, and every one of us, are unlike anybody else in the whole universe! We gotta get out there and be really, truly, naturally who we are. It’s time to work WITH Mama Nature instead of against her. Time to quit resisting what we know is really our own right path. Stop. Take a breath. Listen. Move on over to that path, YOUR path, where you’ll find more joy, more love, more fulfillment and fun.

Hey, I think I hear your mother calling…

Choose to have a great week!

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