…And ANOTHER Thing…

Not really. NOT one more thing! I am up to my ears in things like papers and books and spatulas, tee shirts and ballpoint pens!
I’ve been purging and organizing this summer in preparation for home remodel projects, you see.

“DO NOT bring one more THING into this house!” is my motto.
“Ok, then you will ELIMINATE 3 others if you bring in a new one.”
“Alright, if it’s REALLY cute, then bring it on in and add to the rest. What the heck?”

You see how well this organizing project is working?

“Don’t own so much clutter that you will be relieved to see your house catch fire.”
(Author/professor Wendell Berry)

That’s right. I want to remodel, not burn the thing to the ground, although that sure does sound easier.
Time for a little “tough love” directed at oneself…

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.” (Albert Einstein)
Ok, that sounds much better – the goal of all this decluttering being simplicity, clearing, organizing… a little peace of mind. Aaaah…

You know that feeling after cleaning out your closet or a kitchen cabinet or junk drawer? (you DO have a junk drawer don’t you?) That’s what I’ve actually been feeling after going through all this “stuff” no matter how painful.

Last week I went through a box of greeting cards received over many years. Then I sorted and threw out a bunch, and I mean a BUNCH, of ballpoint pens. After that, file folder upon file folder of notes, articles and assorted work stuff. “What crazy things to keep” I said. “Yeah, but they’re MY crazy things” I replied, and keeping them seemed like a good idea at the time.

Do you have some of these crazy things? Is it time for a little sort-through?

After a little mental berating of myself, I got to thinking there must be a better, friendlier way to approach this dilemma of so much stuff. Here’s a thought or two:

Instead of…
”I can’t believe I still have all this…”
How about…
“It’s a good thing I held onto these for a while. Now I can let them go.”

Instead of…
“How did I accumulate so much…”
How about…
“Of course I have all this. This is what I was focusing on all those years.”

And rather than…
“What was I thinking when I bought all these…”
Try this…
“I must’ve had the money and need for these. What a great plan that was then.”

Now I can let them go and move on peacefully to the next pile. Aaaah…

And some Notes to Self:
Ask Self before buying anything, “do I really love this (thing)?”
Ask Self before disposing of (or keeping) something, “does this (thing) bring me joy?”

Listen carefully to what Self has to say and you’ll take the right action every time.

While there are lots of material things surrounding us, there are also dusty, non-useful, outgrown thoughts that need to be dumped along with the rest. We periodically need to sort through the physical AND the mental to get to that feeling of simplicity and clarity, that feeling of “Aaaah…” I’ve found that once I get rid of the “stuff”, a whole new space opens up in the form of an empty shelf, some extra time, or a place for new healthy habits and thoughts to gather.

We live in a world of abundance – tons of color, lots of good, much love to be shared and innumerable growth-enhancing experiences to be had. YOU choose what you want to keep, throw out, or send along to its next owner, be it things or thoughts.We live in a world of abundance -color, beauty, fresh air

Do I love this? Does it bring me joy?
There’s some simplicity for you.

Choose to have a great week!


P.S.Here’s a tune from San Diego area talented singer Ahria about that World of Abundance. Enjoy!


  1. Ruth Anne Gransbury says:

    Wow!! I’ve been trying all year to declutter my house! Thank you for your great suggestions!!! ( It’really hard to let go after you have lived in one house for 45 years!!) Also, Kevin’s home from Mexico with so many uplifting tales to tell!! Thank you always for your support!!
    LOL Ruth Anne

  2. Donna Riley says:

    You give me another chance to be encouraged by your KICK’S, know you are real and have a heart for your followers. You are the best! You were in my thoughts as I was called on stage at the Young Living Essential Oils Convention, Salt Lake City,Utah, in the presence of 22,000 people to encourage everyone present Keep up the good work!!!! Blessings Donna

  3. Monique says:

    Debbie, so absolutely on point. It amazes me how quickly material items can accumulate. For me it is paper, I swear it multiplies while I am sleeping. Thank you for the kick, I have been wanting to go paperless for so long now and I have made a commitment to myself that I will start the challenge this coming Tuesday once the heard of people depart from our home.

    Good luck with your renovations.

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