What Now?

What-Now-LogoThe kids are gone.
The job has ended.
The relationship has changed.
The house/clothes/car no longer match who you are.

debbie-lousberg-what-now-pageWhat Now?

Transitions. We all go through them and adjust accordingly. Then the bigger ones hit and we feel a little off kilter. A sense of confusion, aimlessness, and indifference may ensue.

Feel those feelings, work through the process of change, and then commit to something better:

Relocate, redecorate, re-create, work part-time or not at all… the possibilities are endless for becoming the next version of YOU.

debbie-lousberg-what-now-next-stepThis coaching program is all about making big change happen. Our individual sessions will focus on self-awareness, discovery, and appreciation. Then we’ll piece it all together and redesign the old YOU into the new YOU.

Got a group of friends walking the same path?
Let’s do this thing as a group!

Call me for more details and let’s get your first session scheduled. Time’s a wastin’. That new YOU is waiting to be set free!

Coming soon: Discussion groups talking about “What Now” and what’s next.
Exciting, unlimited options and the collective power of a group await!