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What Now?

What-Now-LogoThe kids are gone.
The job has ended.
The relationship has changed.
The house/clothes/car no longer match who you are.

debbie-lousberg-what-now-pageWhat Now?

Transitions. We all go through them and adjust accordingly. Then the bigger ones hit and we feel a little off kilter. A sense of confusion, aimlessness, and indifference may take us off track from living that good, peaceful, positive life we desire.

Feel those feelings, work through the process of change, and then commit to something better:

Relocate, redecorate, re-create, work part-time or not at all… the possibilities are endless for becoming the next version of YOU. No matter your situation, there is always room for positive change. A new thought, idea and a new habit can begin the process.

debbie-lousberg-what-now-next-stepThis coaching program is all about making big change happen. Our individual sessions will focus on self-awareness, discovery, and appreciation. Then we’ll piece it all together and you’ll redesign the old YOU into the new YOU.

Got a group of friends walking the same path?
Let’s do this thing as a group!

Call me for more details and let’s get your first session scheduled. Time’s a wastin’. That new YOU is waiting to be set free!

Be sure to order:

What Now? A Woman’s Guide to Creating Her After-50 Future, filled with thought-provoking exercises and plenty of room to capture your ideas for crafting your future. Perfect for your own journey or as the basis for your own group discussion.