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Career Discovery Journal

career-discovery-journalOne of my very first clients had a “perfectly good” job, but had become increasingly unhappy as the years went by. She’d been with the same company for her whole career, starting at the age of 17. She began literally by “flipping burgers” and moved herself up all the way to the corporate office, travelling the world setting up franchises. Sounded like a charmed career path and a dream job!

However, after almost 25 years, she realized there was nowhere else to go within the company and began burning out. She called upon me to help her figure out how she wanted to spend the next 15 to 20 years of her work life.

Like a jigsaw puzzle, we begin by gathering the pieces, putting them into groups and categories, and moving them around to see how they fit. This was my approach with her – to look at various pieces of her career that had evolved over the years, add in personal realizations like favorite aspects, values, strengths and interests, and then see what picture began to take form.

The Career Discovery Journal provides a simple way to capture ideas about a career transition. Career change ideas and plans may come at any time; the Journal’s easy-to-carry size (5.5 x 8.5) and spiral-bound style provide convenience, prompts for introspection and plenty of room for notes. Within its 31 pages, self-discovery topics such as Strengths, Values, and Accomplishments help you identify what really matters in your next professional endeavor.

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