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debbie-lousberg-programsThese days there are a PLETHORA of ways that you can choose to improve yourself, make changes, get educated, etc. And depending on your goals/needs, the choices grow exponentially. So, let help you make one of the easiest decisions you’ll ever make….

If you are tired of the same ol’ same ol’ self-help books, coaching (life and business), going to workshops or seminars and finding that it all sounds similar AND you are ready to take personal responsibility for the outcomes in your life, then here are a few options for you from which to make your easy choice…

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Everyone Wants to Hear You – A communication skills improvement program designed to help you be more effective in our distraction-laden world.

What Now?You’ve done a lot throughout your life and now find yourself asking “What Now?” – What’s next? A coaching program for those wondering what their next step will be.

Well, Why Not?!? – Learn to say “Oh yes I can” instead of “I can’t” and be held ACCOUNTABLE!

Your Right Career – using my Career Discovery Journal, an essential self-discovery tool, this program helps you discover what you really want, so you’re truly doing what you love!

I have had the pleasure of teaching and training in a variety of environments, starting with San Diego county adult schools, where I taught my first original course, “Fight the Fear of Public Speaking!” Leadership, Change Management, Career Discovery, Communication, and Goal Setting are just a few of the topics I’ve taught. Area churches, community colleges, and businesses have all provided me with eager students and comfortable settings for doing what I love – offering interesting information, hearty exercises and discussion, to help us all move through life with more wisdom and excitement.

Call today and let’s discuss your group’s next training session!