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Mentoring – Just Tell Me How

As I learned it, coaching is about bringing out what’s inside, letting the “coachee” uncover their own solutions and realize their own next steps. And I was a “coach” for several years in that way.

But over the years, I’ve collected some pretty amazing experiences and ways of doing things that work (and don’t!) AND have realized that many times, people just want some advice. “Just tell me how to do this.”

debbie-lousberg-mentor-compassSo, I give advice. I’ll tell you “how” from my experiences. I’ll tell you what NOT to do. I’ll tell you what I believe is right for you. One thing I won’t tell you… I won’t tell you what you want to hear just for the sake of saying it.  If you want someone to blow sunshine in your face, I’m not your gal. If you want it straight with no fluff, no lip service and no “wishy-washy-ness”, then please do contact me to schedule and for pricing.