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debbie-lousberg-mentorWhat is that – “mentoring”? Why not “coaching”?

Here’s the truth:

It’s both. As I learned it, coaching is about bringing out what’s inside, letting the “coachee” uncover their own solutions and realize their own next steps. And I was a “coach” for several years in that way.

AND, over the years, I’ve collected some pretty amazing experiences and ways of doing things that work (and don’t)! AND have realized that many times, people just want some advice… “Just tell me how to do this”, especially when in career transition and the ever-changing job market.

Therefore, in addition to coaching you toward your goals, I also give advice (solicited, of course).

My mentoring/coaching approach is simple, though not always “easy”. Engaging in a coaching program requires your commitment and desire to make positive change in your life. I will hold you accountable for taking action – actions of YOUR choosing to match YOUR path and YOUR goals.

It’s all about YOU!

Maybe you are:

  • Thinking of a career change
  • Searching for a way to reach your goals
  • Wanting better personal and professional relationships
  • In need of more confidence and improved communication skills
  • Asking “what’s next for me?” now that the kids are gone and the career is no longer priority
  • Just not where you want to be at this point in your life and aware that something’s holding you back

Call me! Let’s talk and then roll up our sleeves and get to work!

In the meantime, do check out these resources to help you get started living that life you’re dreaming of.

Take me up on a Mentoring/Coaching program and you will have:

  • My undivided attention during 60-minute sessions
  • Thought provoking discussion around your area of concern
  • Action plans for real-life practical solutions and forward movement
  • Accountability to keep you committed to your own growth

Mentoring/Coaching programs can be structured in 5-week increments, one session at a time as needed, or even in group settings where interaction from others seeking similar goals is valued.

Contact me for scheduling and pricing.