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Mistakes? Check. Missed opportunities? Check.
Regrets? No.

After my Dad passed away 8 years ago, I realized that I was lucky enough to feel no regrets about my relationship with him. We talked frequently. We shared good times and had deep conversations about the other times. We laughed with great gusto within our family’s brand of humor. We told each other without fail that we loved each other.

This is how I aim to live my life – with no regrets about relationships, my career, actions, words and so on. No regrets. This means I have to be present and mindful within these things – monitoring, watching, enjoying the circumstances. A tall order and I’ll do my best.

I could have…
Been a better sister by listening more and talking less.
Been a better daughter to my mom and expressed my feelings about her more often.
Taken my career in a whole different direction.
Had my own children.
Spent more time with grandparents.

This list will take up a lot of space here and in my head if I keep going.

Improvements? Sure. Make amends where needed? For sure.
Regrets? No

My past decisions and choices have all been for something, as have yours. When I connect the dots, I realize I’m where I need to be, doing what I need to do. The past has taught me invaluable lessons, some a little painful, and yet have given me gifts every step of the way. I appreciate them all. There are so many more opportunities ahead.

No regrets.