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In recent years, words like “irrelevant”, “insignificant”, and “invisible” have crept into women’s discussions about their after-50 futures; worries about becoming those things simply due to getting older. What a sad message and burden to carry.

“Is that it?” I asked myself. “That’s what our futures hold after all this time, effort and giving to our families, employers, organizations?”

No way!! Absolutely not!!

It’s time for we women “of a certain age” to take back and hang onto our power and appreciate where we’ve been, and the wisdom gained along the way. Let’s embrace who we’ve become and welcome what’s possible for our futures.

After years of helping people transition into new jobs, I heard the need to help women transition into their after-50 futures.

We are strong.

We are wise.

We are oh so valuable and inspiring to so many.

That’s why I wrote What Now? A Woman’s Guide to Creating Her After-50 Future…to remind you of those very things.

We are all finding ourselves with more time on our hands these days – some extra hours to be used for reflection and creating. Sit down with the Guide and answer some of the questions and craft the future of your dreams.

Create something amazing and enjoy your journey.