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About Me

debbie-lousberg-about-me“Now’s the time,” I said to myself on that last big birthday. Time to get it all together so the next half of my life (I’ll be living a really long time) is focused on one thing…in one website (ok, 2)…one business card…one LinkedIn profile. Time to integrate the philosophy that fills my head and permeates my personal life into my professional life.

That philosophy is simple: the belief that each and every one of us has the potential to live the life we desire through conscious choices AND by standing tall and responsibly in our own unique shoes. My job, as I see it, is to help you remember that. I’ll give you practical tools and ideas and little “KICKs” to remind you of the limitless possibilities that are always available to you.

I will remind you that you already have it in you to live a fabulous life. You have the power of choice to make decisions that are right and true for you.  Whether you succeed in reaching your goals, or even take one small uncomfortable step toward your dreams, I will cheer you on and remind you that you can do anything. It’s all about changing your thinking, which then changes your life.

My career was primarily focused on employment, staffing, managing and leading others through the sometimes tricky and confusing maze of the workplace. In 2005, I left the corporate world and launched a service business to help people move through career transitions to more fitting, meaningful work. Since then, I’ve taught job search skills, goal setting, and positive living techniques and strategies, coached hundreds of people toward their own definition of success, and spoken to many groups. AND career transitions sometimes are just the tip of that big iceberg. I’ve been privileged to help others with all kinds of life transitions.

This website and the focus of my work is the merging of many classes, certificate programs, skills, innate talents, challenges, great conversations and ideas experienced over the years.  It’s all about YOU! Helping you to continue growing personally AND professionally in the ways you choose in order to have that fabulous life!

Here are some things you might like to know about me:

  • Bachelor of Arts, Speech Communication with a minor in Marketing, University of Arizona (go ‘Cats!)
  • Author: Career Discovery Journal and Reclaiming Your Confidence (visit By the Book from the home page), Career Advice column and numerous job search articles for San Diego Reader’s Job Giant
  • Speaker: Regularly to a variety of San Diego county groups about Personal Growth, Success and Communication
  • Teacher: Classes and workshops on topics such as Career Discovery, Job Search components, Success and Goal Setting. I have also taught Practical Spirituality and New Thought concepts in spiritual environments.
  • Member: Associated New Thought Network, Emerson New Thought Center
  • Associate Certified Career Coach, Career Coach Institute
  • Hearing Loss Support Specialist, Hearing Loss Association of America
  • Past President, San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance

Now here’s some fun stuff:

  • Co-facilitated Leadership Skills and Change Management for a large company in…Hawaii! “Had to” make about 6 trips for this purpose – that was a dream come true – “having” to go to Hawaii for work!
  • Spend vacation time in Hawaii, usually Maui, whenever possible
  • Grew up in Tucson, AZ and graduated from Sahuaro High School and the U of A
  • Played golf regularly for several years (I was ok), still love to play tennis (pretty good), and gave Stand-Up Paddleboarding a shot (not so great…yet, maybe Kayaking next)
  • Favorite childhood movie and heroine: Disney’s 1960 Pollyanna, starring Hayley Mills. (she was a smart cookie, subtle and realistic – not at all like the bad rap we tend to give “Pollyanna’s”. She is “positive psychology” in action.)
  • Perpetual student of personal and spiritual growth
  • Happily married for a long time to the same guy and loving life in Oceanside, CA