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What Now?

The kids are gone.

The job has ended.

The relationship has changed.

The house/clothes/car no longer match who you are.

What's Next?

“What now? What’s next? Where do I go from here?”
Common questions asked by women as their previous roles and ways of being no longer fit. Maybe you’ve been asking the same questions. Perhaps it’s time for a transformation into the new you – time to be that woman you’ve had in mind, do those things you’ve put off, and have more of the life you desire!

Your Guide

The “What Now?” Woman’s Guide
is a tool to help you:

  • Recognize your strengths and accomplishments
  • Build on your interests and priorities
  • Identify and appreciate your past, present and future roles
  • Clarify your direction for creating a dynamic future of your own design

The Guide is filled with exercises and inspiration to get you thinking,
creating, and taking the steps into your fabulous after-50 future!

A Message from the Author:

In recent years, words like “irrelevant”, “insignificant”, and “invisible” have crept into women’s discussions about their after-50 futures; worries about becoming those things simply due to getting older. What a sad message and burden to carry.

“Is that it?” I asked myself. “That’s what our futures hold after all this time, effort and giving to our families, employers, organizations?”

Absolutely not!!

It’s time for we women “of a certain age” to take back and hang onto our power and appreciate where we’ve been, and the wisdom gained along the way. Let’s embrace who we’ve become and welcome what’s possible for our futures.

After years of helping people transition into new jobs, I heard the need to help women transition into their after-50 futures. We are strong. We are wise. We are oh so valuable and inspiring to so many.

That’s why I wrote this Guide…to remind you of that.

Create something amazing and enjoy your journey.