presentations with a purpose

What is the point of a presentation, if there isn’t a solid PURPOSE? Clearly defined points on what the audience with take away, what the outcome should be and what next steps will further the listener along his/her journey.

Each of the presentations, workshops or group discussions that I provide have a specific purpose… Which will fit the bill for your group, company, church, organization, association or other assembly?

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just tell me how!

As I learned it, coaching is about bringing out what’s inside, letting the “coachee” uncover their own solutions and realize their own next steps. And I was a “coach” for several years in that way.

But over the years, I’ve collected some pretty amazing experiences and ways of doing things that work (and don’t!) AND have realized that many times, people just want some advice. “Just tell me how to do this.”

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always continue to learn

Doing things “by the book” is not necessarily my mantra. However, I do believe that continuing to learn and educate oneself is part of this journey. While specializing as a Career Transition Coach, I created the “Career Discovery Journal“; As a Hearing Loss Support Specialist, I authored a book entitled “Regaining Your Confidence: Managing Hearing Loss at Work“, which benefits those with hearing loss and those who live and work with them. It’s for ALL communicators…because we all need the same things; As a way to assist people in transition and wanting more from life, I created “Well, Why Not?!” mental motivation manuals.

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change the way you think

I collect quotes – meaningful, inspirational quotations by people from today and long ago. BUT, for the most impact, putting my own perspective on their wise words sometimes helps me “get it” and better apply it.

For instance, one of my favorites, Ralph Waldo Emerson, said back in the 1800’s, “Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”
WHAT? Need a little help here…

Here’s my interpretation:
Doing things the way we’ve always done them, just for consistency’s sake can become inefficient, make us lazy and cause us to limit our experiences, thus creating pesky little hobgoblins (something causing fear).

Now – I can do something with that.

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